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Q. What can I expect to spend landscaping my entire property?

Considering you're asking for all key components (hardscape, fencing, drainage, irrigation, lighting, plant material, etc.) a realistic range is 10%-15% of your home's value.  This can be higher or lower based on site conditions, access, plant selection, etc.

Q.  What kind of warrantee do I receive with my new landscape?

All plantings and workmanship are waranteed for 1 year after project completion.  Call us if you see a problem as soon as it occurs.

Q.  What are the terms of the contract?

Larger projects require a signed contract with a 40% down payment and final payment due in full upon project completion.  Deposits are refundable but customer subject to any restocking charges.


Q.  When and how should my shrubs be pruned?


The following is a basic guideline for pruning.  When present, damaged or diseased shrub-limbs and branches should be removed.  Most flowering shrubs and ornamental trees should be pruned after blooming and before the next year's buds set.  Prune whenever possible for plant health and to keep the natural shape of the plant.  Some ornamentals and vines require dormant pruning in late winter.  We highly recommend hand pruning over shearing.

Q.  When is a good time to plant, or can I still plant?

Spring and fall are the best time to plant.  Mid to late summer is not a good time due to the hot air temperatures and the ability to keep the plant's root system moist.  Late fall can also be challenging because the root system does not get adequately established prior to winter.

Q.  How often should I water?

Turf grass should be watered 3/4" - 1" per week.  Shrubs and trees should receive deep watering 1-2 times per week.  Annual and perennials should be watered 2-3 times per week.  This answer is for established landscapes.

Q.  This plant was suppose to be deer resistant, why did it get eaten?

From our experience, some plants do better in being resistant than others but no plant is truly deer resistant.  Deer will eat most any vegetation and are likely to do so depending on their natural food source.  Severe winter conditions drive deer to find easy sources of food.  Our Deer Pro spray application helps protect plants and vegetation from grazing deer and animals.

Q.  Can you remove large trees and stumps?

No, we can usually cut and remove trees less than 3" diameter, anything else we contract with our tree removal vendor.

Q.  How can I control the amount of weeds in my garden?

A layer of bark mulch spread a minimum of 3" thick will help reduce weeds and keep the plant roots cool and moist.  Our monthly maintenance package includes weed pulling and herbicide spray control as needed.

Q.  Can you refurbish old decks, or install new ones?

Yes, our maintenance staff can pressure wash your old deck and re-apply stain or sealer depending on the material product.  New decks can be designed and installed by our crews.  There are many different materials now available for maintenance free decks.

Q.  Are you insured?

Yes.  We are covered for workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle.  C of C's available upon request.

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